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Whether you are a new screenwriter, producer and / or director, you may be looking for that one chance to make a difference in your life and the lives of other people, but Hollywood has said no to you.

That's okay, because more and more companies are coming out to support new film makers and you may be looking for them while they are looking for you. The average Joe is not interested in many of the movies that come out on the big screen like you assume. Instead, he is more interested in what is happening in his own neighborhood and his wife is just as interested.

Why is it your family movie has not been shown at the local high school gymnasium, church or your R rated movie at the neighborhood bar? What about working with the owner of the neighborhood video store to get it in his or her store? Why do not we see fliers promoting your movie? How come you have not bothered to employ your local college students to help you get the word out about your movie?

Some film makers have no professional affiliations and that causes many obstacles for them as well. How do filmmakers know how to successfully market their movies when they do not bother to put into action what they observe others are doing?

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