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Zarine Khan Causing Anger For Salman And Katrina

The young beauty of the bollywood Zarine Khan gave her views about her career and caused to be actress of today. She told her enterence in bollywood that who got the credit to bring her in the bollywood. Zarine said that all her name and career is due to the Salman Khan. When it is asked about that how this credit goes to Salman Khan then she replied that she had never thought a little about bollywood and to become an actress. She wants to become a lady doctor in her life. It was her big desire.

She wants to help the needy and poor people by treatment through her knowledge and skill as a professional doctor. After that she met with Salman Khan and Salman Khan convinced her that she can become a famous actress if she will try to prove it. Then Salman Khan introduces her in the bollywood industry and takes her role in the “veer”. By this way her desire turns from doctor to an actress.

All these views are delivered by the actress in “the body shop loves you”. Zarine said, “I shall be very thankful to Salman Khan for this regardness whole the life. He is my mentor and the name which I found due to Salman khan was not being found without him”.

According to the sources when it is asked to Zarine that has she any resemblance with the beauty queen Katrina Kaif then she replied that if people feel some matching then it is right otherwise I have no objection on this topic. Zarine said about Katrina, “She is beautiful lady and good actress”. Overall Zarine gave her positive attitude about Salman and Kateina. She is fully impressed by Salman

A new entry in film industry is always warmly welcomed but Zarine Khan s entry is Controversial and irritating for two love Birds. She is doing a movie veer opposite to Salman Khan, a much awaited movie since long.

But both the costars have been asked by all, many times the same question; does she resemble to Katrina? All the three have rejected any sort of resemblance even then the press and media put this question in front of them just to see their patience. Check out their replies to media:

When Salman attended a dance reality show to promote his movie Veer, he said to Mithun Charaborty, : “Dada, the press guys are hell-bent on making me accept that Zarine (’Veer’) looks like Katrina and I’m tired of telling them she is not even close to her.

“Nobody knows Katrina better than me and I’m telling you guys, Zarine does not look like Katrina.” Now look at Zarine’s reaction; When Zarine was asked about her resemblance with Katrina, she said, “Wow I’m really flattered. I think Katrina is just so gorgeous! But when I look at myself in the mirror, I can hardly see the resemblance.” Katrina also surprises at this reality and denies it at all. Well its now up to audience how they comment on this interesting conflict.

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