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Foto And Video Baku Tembak Mohamed Merah

The Midi - Pyrénées 2012 shootings (also called Toulouse shootings) were a series of three gun attacks targeting Jewish civilians and French soldiers, in the cities of Montauban and Toulouse in the Midi - Pyrénées region of France. In total, seven people were killed, plus the perpetrator, and five others were injured, four seriously. Police Identified the perpetrator as the Red Mohammed, a 23- year- old French Muslim WHO claimed ties to the terrorist group al - Qaeda, although his claims have yet to be proven by evidence. He Stated That he motivated by laws against wearing the burqa and killing of " brothers and sisters in Palestine. " by Jews. After a 30 - hour siege, on 22 March 2012, Mohamed was shot and killed the Red in a gunfight with the special operations tactical unit of the French police, RAID.

The first attack Occurred on 11 March 2012, when a French Paratrooper, Master Sergeant - Ziaten Ibn Imad, also a Muslim, was shot dead outside a gym in Toulouse. The second Occurred on 15 March 2012, during the which two Uniformed soldiers, Corporal Abel Legouad Chennouf and Private Mohamed, were killed and another seriously injured in a shopping center in Montauban. On 19 March 2012, a further attack Occurred at the Ozar HaTorah Jewish day school, where four people (including three children ) were killed. The Gunman fled on a motor scooter.

After the third shooting, the French government raised Vigipirate, France 's terror alert, in the Midi - Pyrénées region, and a couple of surrounding departements, to its highest possible level. Many Governments around the world Condemned the attacks. Red 's brother Abdelkader Mohamed was arrested and charged with complicity in the killings.

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