Sikopel Waterfall, Pitu Waterfall Banjarnegara

Dieng Plateau Tourism, Sikopel Waterfall & Pitu Waterfall  Banjarnegara
Sikopel Waterfall
For you lovers of water , not complete if you have not visited the waterfall attractions Sikopel or better known as the Waterfall Village Sikopel Babadan, District Pagentan. Sightseeing waterfall offers a panoramic view of the cool and beautiful nature. Of course it is suitable when enjoying it with family, friends or relatives to spend the mengingatkan, while occasionally trying to disgorge fresh water in the crater this Sileri.
In fact it would not hurt you feel the cold water of this waterfall Sikopel while bathing, letting the whole body wet by water. Because according to local residents, the water in this waterfall is believed to create ageless. During kepemerintahannya, Regent charismatic Banjarnegara R. Aria Soemitro Kolopaking, is said to have meditated in the cave that was right behind the waterfall.

When meditating it, he get the coupling of horses, horse or rope control regulator. So why, waterfall was named Sikopel. Similarly spoken mayor Babadan, Turno about Sikopel Curug legend. The story was developed in the local community for generations.
Other views can be enjoyed is the existence of wild monkeys around waterfall, although sometimes the monkeys did not appear. In addition, there is the cave behind the waterfall where there is a white rat who rarely found anywhere. Unique rodents that nest in the cave behind the waterfall.
On holidays a lot of visitors who come and sometimes bring home water waterfall that is inserted into a jerry can or a special container. Freshness Sikopel waterfall water into its own suggestion for a drink.郑 irnya natural fresh, tired body so ilang! "Said Purwanto, local visitors who came with her friends. Apart from local tourists Banjarnegara, tourists from some regions and large cities are also often come to see the beauty of Curug Sikopel.

Not so difficult to reach the waterfall location. From the city Pagentan District, taken about a half hour trip with a distance less than seven kilometers. During the journey to the village of Babadan, you will enjoy the typical rural landscape. Entering the gate Sikopel waterfall, has a voice thundering waterfalls that has a height of 70 meters with a depth of about ten meters.
As to the waterfall, if lucky you will see a flock of monkeys who were in the streets and farms owned by people looking for food. You can give food to the monkeys, but it is not easy to do. Because once the monkeys to see humans, they would run away.

Pitu Waterfall
Pitu waterfall is a natural attractions with the main attraction of the falls, amounting to a seven-storey waterfall from top to bottom. So then, this waterfall was named "Waterfall Pitu". Located in the Village District Pecan Sigaluh Banjarnegara. Approximately half an hour drive from the City eastward Banjarnegara (Wonosobo). This waterfall was very beautiful. Besides great for the whole family recreation, are also suitable as an arena for camping. Pitu near the waterfall there is also another waterfall called Curug Pecan. Cluster of seven levels of waterfalls from the top down is very beautiful. From the first waterfall (level I), we can see the waterfall with the water discharge is quite large. On both sides are still beautiful forest dominated by perennials. There are also many durian trees.

If we want to see the waterfall on it, we must climb the path on the right road. There is a fairly easy stair climbing. Each about 50 meters, the second waterfall and so still lie ahead. In the waterfall top (level seven), more exotic scenery anymore because sixth underneath looks beautiful waterfall tub legs dangling angel soft. To achieve these attractions is easy, but more comfortable with using their own vehicles, especially two-wheeler (motorcycle) for up to waterfall just inside the gate. From City Banjarnegara we drive to the east about 10 miles arrived at the fork in the village of Sigaluh. Take the right road, start walking the streets of the village are fine with the fresh air, with the distance of about 7 kilo meters. Not far from Pecan Village Hall, we can simply enjoy the beauty and freshness Curug Pitu.

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